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Elegance Building Systems (EBS) windows and doors is the one of the most active brand for windows and doors with high requirements in respect of quality since 2014, design and innovation. With a Team Experience of over 12 years in Windows and Doors, Hardware of uPVC and Glass Line also. You can be sure of receiving leading product quality and excellent advice. From manufacturing to installation and Installation to after-sales service, it will be one flawless experience. Technological know-how, entrepreneurial foresight and a feeling for design are all combined by EBS windows and doors to offer peak performance throughout.

Have become one of the main choices for people looking to install a new windows and doors in their home – find out why here. With its stylish look, uPVC is a material you will now primarily see throughout the majority of new build properties.

The main benefits of having uPVC windows and doors in your home is as follows:

uPVC windows and doors are cost effective - Another benefit of uPVC windows and doors is that they will stop the hot and cold weather from getting into your home and in turn will stop cold or warm air from escaping. A further benefit of uPVC windows and doors is their energy saving capacities; uPVC windows and doors have better insulating properties than that of traditional Solid Wood windows and doors. Due to the fact uPVC windows and doors will fit better when installing them, there are no draughts. Saving this sort of energy makes uPVC windows and doors environmentally friendly and because of the energy saving aspects of it, you will gradually notice you will be spending a bit less on your cooling or heating bills.

uPVC windows and doors will reduce outside noise - Another benefit of having uPVC windows and doors in your home is that their insulating qualities help to reduce outside noise. If you home is situated where the noise of traffic going up and down outside your home or the conversations of passersby is a problem, then UPVC windows and doors with the help or Double Glazing or Laminated Glass will help cut the noise levels considerably. When installed in your home, you will notice that uPVC windows and doors tend to fit better against the frame of the windows and doors, which will help, stop noise coming in uPVC windows and doors will be dust proof - Big benefit of having uPVC windows and doors in your home is that their dust proofing qualities help to maintain a cleanenvironment inside your home. If you home is situated plains dust storms could be a problem, then UPVC windows and doors will the help considerably. When installed in your home, you will notice that uPVC windows and doors tend to fit better against the frame of the windows and doors, which will help, stop dust coming in.

uPVC windows and doors require very little maintenance - A big benefit of having uPVC windows and doors is that they will require very little maintenance. If you have a hectic lifestyle, then the last thing you want to be doing is fixing a problem with your windows and doors. This is why uPVC windows and doors might be the best choice for you. Apart from needing to regular dusting of the uPVC windows and doors every so often, you will notice that little needs to be done to keep them in top condition. You will find that uPVC is an exceedingly durable material; this means that you won’t need to get them repaired very often, saving you money and giving you peace of mind.

The cost of installing uPVC windows and doors - Buying a single uPVC windows and doors can cost you depending on the design you choose to have on the windows and doors. In terms of saving money on your cooling or heating bill, you can expect to save around 20% on your cooling or heating bill if your home is fully equipped with uPVC windows and doors and uPVC windows. In price UPVC windows and doors are much more economical than Solid wood windows doors, wood clad windows doors, italian aluminum wood windows and doors or aluminum thermal break windows.

Culture at EBS
At EBS windows and doors the working environment is a demonstration of professionalism, commitment to collaboration and a strong TEAM working ethics. The company’s values, embrace a rich diversity and responsibility to all communities, which has created an environment in which our people are proud to work. It not only gives our employee comfort but also helps in promoting our EBS windows and doors product. Employee voice is important, and is encouraged through a variety of mechanisms so TEAM EBS can have their say in shaping the company's products and culture. Through regular team meetings, open communication forums and fortnightly breakfast sessions; EBS windows and doors constantly strives to challenge and improve the working
environment and business practices. Recognition - Thanks to the TEAM EBS efforts, the company is regularly recognized and commended through a variety of prestigious industry best practice certifications and accreditations; therefore it’s just as important that recognition is given to individuals and the collaborative efforts of the TEAM, without whom, the high standard of Client Service Excellence would not be possible.

Our Vision
To become a globally admired Windows and Doors Supplier that enhances the quality of life of all consumers through sustainable product quality and excellent services.
Our Mission
We aspire to achieve business excellence in Windows and Doors through:
-- The spirit of ownership and constant development
-- Optimum utilization of resources
-- Environment friendly procedures and practices
-- The highest Ethics and Integrity
-- Hiring, developing and retaining the best people
-- Positive impact on the communities we touch
-- Provide superior, effective products and services that meet the ever-changing needs of our current and prospective clients, while continuing to strive for the highest professional excellence in the delivery of those products and services.
-- Provide our employees with an opportunity for professional growth, personal satisfaction and financial security.
-- Build and maintain long-lasting, consistent, honest relationships with our consumer.


EBS Window & Doors was founded on the principles of courteous customer service and quality window and door products. We carry a full line of quality exterior doors, as well as the latest designs in windows. We also have a full line of products that meets the European Norms.

Some of our services for residential customers include the following:

New Installation New ConstructionCustom homesRoom additionsRemodels Door and Window RepairsFogged glass repair Window balance rod replaced Sliding glass Door rollers and track repaired ReplacementsDoor ReplacementWindow Replacement UpgradesUpgrade your existing windows and door with our new range.

Super Value – ALU WOOD


ESTHETICS: Aluminum Wood Windows and Doors combine the elegance of Solid Wood inside with the use aluminum profiles with different colors outside. Aluminum Wood Windows and Doors design adapts to any type of window and doors design with the most modern Italian windows technology.

BALANCE PERFORMANCE: Aluminum Wood Windows and Doors ensure not only excellent energy savings (20-25%) due to thermal performance but also an excellent acoustic performance. Use of the EPDM gaskets helps in reducing the highest level to the infiltration of water, the air drafts and sound. Use of Multi point locking mechanism helps reducing unwanted intrusion.

LONG LASTING: Aluminum Solid Wood Windows and Doors lasts a lifetime, at no additional cost. Using high grade Aluminum outside and interior Solid Wood ensures a total free of maintenance.

RE-CYCLABLE MATERIAL: Aluminum Solid Wood Windows and Doors are made of Aluminum, which is fully recyclable material like UPVC.

HIGH QUALIT MATERIAL: Aluminum Solid Wood Windows and Doors uses Solid sWood, the Solid Wood is protected with 3 coats of paint on all sides of the profile even in the parts not in sight. Aluminum is used of the highest possible quality.

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